Mobile app supports 4R training

IPNI’s Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) program developed a mobile app to help train extension agents on 4R Nutrient Stewardship. The app enables SSA staff to reach more extension agents and reduce travel costs. “Instead of our two facilitators traveling around the country for three day workshops, we can offer training from our office,” said Dr. Shamie Zingore, SSA director. “It also allows us to reach extension agents who are not able to travel to our training workshops,” Zingore noted.

Dr. Shamie Zingore

The SSA program has received positive feedback from users. “The first group to use the app found it innovative because of the way it guides you through the 4R concepts and reinforces learning through modules with practical examples,” said Zingore. They also appreciate its ease of use and flexibility to complete the courses.

Zingore noticed increased interest in learning and attentiveness by extension agents when using the app, compared to traditional workshops. The app is linked to a database that enables staff to monitor modules that users find difficult to understand. “This gives us the advantage of offering personalized training support, depending on the knowledge level of the user,” Zingore said.

Based on the success of the 4R mobile app, the SSA program is exploring ways to integrate the app with tools to capture information in the field, monitor nutrient deficiencies, and provide management solutions during the growing season. Learn more about the SSA program here.









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